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A solution offered to your restaurant or club business, helping it grow and flourish by maintaining healthy client relations and managing the internal workflow. Through this solution, we attempt to completely redefine the user and management experience through dedicated apps for clients, managers, waiting and kitchen staff. You can pick and choose which of our modules is most suitable to you, and leave it to us to create a solution that requires little to no training for your employees, and fulfills all your business’ needs. At the end, you will have a more organized business, completely viewable and controllable through your computer.


Book orders and reservations

Browse through your menu and events

Make reservations for large groups

Receive offers and discounts


The Waiter App

Designed by consulting with several restaurant managers and waiters, we bring your waiting staff a completely new way to interact with their tables. From the moment a client walks in to the moment they leave, taking orders, overviewing tables and even suggesting matching menu items has never been more intuitive. Furthermore, after an order has been taken in, it can be sent directly to the Kitchen App.


Receive orders instantly

Overview your workflow

Quick and intuitive

Quick and intuitive


Through the


The administration panel (also available through a mobile application) helps business managers overview all the above-mentioned services through a single platform. Managers can view and analyze data from the Client, Waiter and Kitchen App, view and manage their employees and view their customer loyalty to determine which offers and discounts to display. They can send targeted or global Push Notifications.

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the spreadsheet module.

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