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  • By Shila Këllezi
  • Posted 15:14 16 Nov 2018

Almotech in Betapitch Mostar 2018

BETAPITCH, a global annual competition, whose goal is to select and boost the World’s most promising startups, went through its’ regional selecting phase on a pitching competition held in Mostar, on November 7th and 8th. Among the 90 startups that applied all over the Balkans, HCR Solutions (a product of Almotech), was part of the semi-final fifteen companies that got to participate in the Mostar events and meetings. This wasn’t only an opportunity for us to pitch our startup in front of a large number of judges, investors and potential clients, but also to create an international network of colleagues and to open ourselves to partnership opportunities.

The competition was very well planned and organized, and we were especially impressed by the hospitality we encountered in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The first event on November 7th was the finalist selection, where the fifteen startups got to pitch in front of six judges, who made their decision based not only on the business model and innovation that these startups presented, but also on the presentation and pitching. After a brief training session, each participant made a five-minute presentation of their product, which presented a challenge for us because HCR Solutions contains so many features and caters to a multitude of hospitality-related problems that five minutes seemed like a short time.

Nonetheless, we made an excellent impression and were eventually selected as one of the ten finalists qualified to present in the amphitheater of the Faculty of Economy in Mostar on November 8th. This was a much larger event, more people were in the jury and we were impressed at the number of attendees, which was larger than the amphitheater’s capacity. 

It was an honor for us to present our project in front of so many people, and although we didn’t win the first prize, we were selected for one-on-one meetings with various investors who heard our idea and saw great potential in it. Among them was South Central Ventures, dedicated to financing small and medium-sized tech startups in the Balkans, who were very receptive to our ideas as well as Stark Solutions, a metal-processing company who were looking to expand their portfolio to include software-based solutions and saw an opportunity with the services we offered.

Every finalist was also awarded participation in Startup Ole, held in April 17-19 in the city of Salamanca, Spain.

All in all, we came back from Mostar not only feeling evaluated and hopeful that our solution is not only innovative, but profitable and marketable, but also with great feedback, new ideas on what the future has on hold for Almotech, a wallet full of our new friends’ business cards, and most importantly – valuable connections with prestigious companies. 

This experience is guaranteed to have helped us grow, develop and expand.

Watch a video of our final pitch below:

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