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  • By Erjon Hazizaj
  • Posted 23:43 21 Apr 2018

Manage Groups in Virtual Magazine Platform


Virtual magazine is an online delivery e-commerce platform that deliver furniture to the end customer which might be a physical person or a business type.


The platform is a cloud based solution with a dedicated app for android and ios platform.

System description.

·         Admin

o   Multiple roles for different functions on the platforms such as above:

§  Manager

·         Manage all categories/subcategories

·         Manage Products – CRUD – Enable/Disable

·         Manage Groups

·         Manage Banners

·         Manage Packets

·         Manage Orders

·         Manage Push Notifications

§  Operator

·         Have only the right to send notification for marketing purpose and notifications

§  Agent

·         Create orders for business

·         Have Access to real price of products

§  Super User

·         Manager Access

·         Manage System Users

·         Dashboard

o   Real-time User Registration Information

o   Real-time Orders

o   Real-time Active Products

o   Custom analytics on request

·         Clients

o   List of all the registered users such as personal account and business account.

o   Enable/Disable User

o   Change user to Agent from personal or business

o   Add Client to a Group

o   Add other price product for that single user.

o   Send Push Notification to the single user.


·         Categories

o   Categories with status visibility

o   Subcategories with status visibility

o   No category or subcategory could be deleted if they have product on it.

·         Products

o   List all products and filter them by Name, Price, Category, Ect

o   Product priority listing in case a new product is desired to show on top of a particular category

o   Products label options for better search into the system

o   Product CRUD.

·         Groups

o   Groups CRUD

o   Clients can be added to a group and all have a discount

o   Every group has products with different price.

o   Every clients that is part of the group sees the price of that group.

·         Banners

o   Banners are created as an advertising system with an start and end date.

o   Banner structure has a name, image, url or id, status, date.

o   On banner click the user can be redirect to single product or an external url.

·         Packets

o   The manager or the super user can create one or many packets with a single price and set all the product inside it, set a name and an image.

o   Every packet can be deleted only when no user is using it.

o   Every packet can be modified in real-time in order to be used efficiently.

·         Orders

o   List of all the orders managed or in waiting mode.

o   Custom filter for order visualization (status, date, ect)

o   Every order is connected with the client with one click

o   Print order invoice in order to send it on delivery

o   Order time of delivery management.

o   Order list export to excel, pdf, ect.

·         Global Push Notification

o   Send push notification to all customers that have the app for android and ios.

o   The push notification has a title and a body on its own structure.

·         Group Push Notification

o   Send push notification to all group customers that have the app for android and ios.

o   The push notification has a title and a body on its own structure.


Mobile Description:

·         User Login

o   Login using email and password


·         User Register

o   Register as individual or as a business

·         Forget Password

·         Main Dashboard

o   Banner with automatic scroll

o   All categories listed horizontally

o   Latest offers by the system.

·         Search

·         Profile

·         Basket

o   Manage all the product in basket, like add or remove, delete.

o   User can select directly from the basket the order address.

·         My Orders

o   All the delivered, cancelled, ect orders that are created from the logged user.

·         Term of Reference

·         About Us

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