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Almotech is founded as an entrepreneurship to provide software B2B solution and a number of quality services. Registered since FY 2015/16 at NRC (QKR). The Almotech team is composed of skilled youngsters, passionate and motivated team members who are capable of using advanced technologies to enable a comfortable customer accommodation and their future digital involvement. Its’ workplace is an environment of innovative ideas, design thinking and a learning lab for everyone in the team, including interns from the most valued Universities. Almost a year ago, Almotech was entered as member of UK-ALB HUB, and further qualified as one of the 6 members to have a dedicated program to empower Albanian young entrepreneurs in the field of IT solutions and services. It has provided extraordinary experience in efficient management, innovation solutions, and potential partnerships with businesses in the UK.


We champion businesses values and help to achieve objectives through agile software development. We think big, design smart and develop fast for all screens, projects and teams. We envision a society where everyone understands the full potential of digitalization and how it fuels productivity, relationships and innovation.


We love what we do and we are passionate about it. This is what makes us learn, grow and bring bright ideas to life.


We have made it our mission to foster creativity that sparks innovation by finding more efficient ways to help you run your business or promoting innovative ideas.


What was working well yesterday may no longer be convenient tomorrow, that’s why we embrace the magnitude of change.


We trigger a spirit of optimism that fuels us along our path to solutions. We break problems apart to understand them from their roots to the surface.


We respect our co-workers and try to make sure that we all get the same opportunities by discussing ideas and opinions openly with our diverse team


In our company, we have built a team-based culture with employee participation on all levels. We tend to develop better relationships with coworkers.